To Google: Defining an era

Last week marked my little guy’s 11-month birthday, and I feel the baby year winding down already. I’m equal parts nostalgic for the newborn days and insanely entrenched in pinning an obscene amount of baseball-themed first birthday ideas. This is my second time around, and while I’m certainly more confident this time, my brain had kindly blurred out a few things, which, in retrospect, may be an essential survival-of-the-human-race tactic. I distinctly remember slipping squeezing into a pre-baby dress when my daughter was around the same age, and feeling for the first time like a remnant of the “old me” was back, albeit with a new squishy spare tire at my waist to keep me company through the journey of life. This is also the point at which life is starting to feel a bit more normal – baby may be ingesting actual food, mom and dad may be enjoying actual sleep, some of the infant gear has been donated, sold, or stored, and the house looks like more than only a tiny human reside in it with its servants around in the shadows. This heady feeling of mastering the new normal launched my thoughts on all the silly things I’ve Googled, and then delved deep into an internet vortex, in that wonderful/amazing/terrifying/exhausting/exhilarating first year. And so, for your amusement: The Baby Year, as experienced through Googling.

At due date

Proven ways to start labor

How often does the hospital send you home if you’re in labor

Home remedies to increase labor

Can you die from not giving birth


When do babies sleep through the night

What happens if your toddler punches the baby

Games to play with a newborn baby

Can you spoil a baby if you hold them for every nap

When do babies sleep through the night

Car seat will not come out of car

Carseat manufacturers instruction manual

Can you break a carseat pulling it out of the car

User friendly car seats on sale

Mom workouts in 30 seconds

Is it possible to workout with a baby

How many calories does breastmilk burn, really


What does baby snorting mean

Is it bad to put baby in a crib

How often should you check baby in crib

Should I set an alarm to check baby in the middle of the night

Can sleep be permanently disrupted by a baby schedule

How often do nursing moms have to buy bras

Expandable nursing bras

Baby at 4-6 months

When do babies sleep through the night

What is a sleep regression

When does sleep regression end

Do kids sleep through the night at any age


Baby food allergies


Weird spots on baby

Baby 7-10 months

When do babies sleep through the night

Cases of mothers who have gone insane from sleep deprivation 

One minute workouts to restore abs post-baby

ten second workouts to restore abs post-baby

celebrities with post-baby weight

best place to buy work-appropriate tunics

Shift dresses for work

What happens if baby eats small pieces of paper on floor

What happens if baby eats dirt

What happens if baby eats part of a raspberry bush

Easy babyproofing

Professional baby proofing

Do they make bubbles for babies?

Baby approaches one year

How to throw a perfect first birthday party

Pinterest first birthday parties

How to encourage childfree friends to attend a birthday party

Should my baby have friends by his first birthday

Healthy smash cakes

Best pushup bras

First-birthday themed cocktails


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